Far-reaching changes in e-discovery and litigation support have become a technological imperative for litigators. As a team of lawyers and technologists, we possess a deep understanding of how the management of all legal, logistic and technical facets of the e-discovery life cycle is being affected. Cost-effective forensic harvesting and state-of-the-art search and production technologies can be key advantages in today’s environment. And new requirements such as Rule 26 (f) and Rule 16 case management conferences demand new strategies.

Why should you select us as your partner? Because we’ve been there. We built one of the first web-based tools for managing the workflow associated with document review, transcript management and litigation docketing and case management. It’s not just about technology and document review. We understand your obligations. We know what the Federal Rules mean in letter and practice.   We will complement you and your team.  Rely upon our experience and knowledge of the market to provide you with the insight and tools that give you the winning edge.

Adding ARV Partners to your team will give you the upper hand.  And it can be done today for a fraction of the cost of a few years ago, making it affordable to midsize and smaller firms.

In today’s digital and mobile world, the proliferation of data poses unprecedented challenges for lawyers and businesspeople alike.  Relying on simple, traditional records management oversight is woefully inadequate.

As digital assets have increased exponentially, so have the risks.  Yet, many businesses are unaware that they are vulnerable.  We can help you stay abreast of the latest legal requirements and information management principles in order to minimize legal risks and create secure knowledge repositories that support your business goals.  This begins with a needs assessment of information life cycle management systems.  In addition to serving as your trusted advisor on “best practices,” we can connect you with implementation of “best in class” tools.

For lawsuits involving litigation as well as government investigations, we specialize in comprehensive readiness planning with a strategic focus on minimizing costs.  By documenting and following prescribed document/data retention policies, our clients are protected from the potentially runaway costs associated with litigation and government investigations. We have the specialized expertise make sure your organization is focused on the real legal issues rather than the side shows so often involved with e-discovery and litigating information systems


With alarming, large-scale data breaches frequently in the news, concern over computer security is a big issue.  Yet, how aware are you of your obligations to protect work product from cyber vandals or cyber thieves?   Is there a simple way to get the kind of protection and productivity that work product requires?  Based on years of experience, we can help you know what you need without blitzing you with a rash of technical jargon.

One of our specialties is advising corporations and law firms on the latest knowledge, tools and techniques required to keep their business, or their client’s business, safe and nimble in today’s world.  With employees spending more time online, for both work and non-work purposes, account access and password usage is ubiquitous, yet organizations often fail to realize how much of a threat this potentially is.  We can help you implement enhanced security solutions.  Similarly, it is good business practice to implement protection from emerging threats and malware attacks and to adopt strategies that mitigate against potential loss.  In working with a new client, the first thing we do is conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of the organization’s everyday computing practices and make recommendations to ensure operations are failsafe.

There has never been a time of greater change or opportunity for the legal profession.  ARV Partners’ roots run deep in all areas of legal technology, with 75 years of combined experience among the three principals.  And because change is often not easy, we help clients get comfortable with change.

  • Advanced practice management – our services range from advising on time-keeping technology to billing solutions to assisting in transition to the cloud.  We also assist with security matters related to malicious intrusions, document encryption and signature authentication, and understanding trust in the digital world.  We help leverage your investments in technology by matching your business needs with training, integration and configuration expertise.
  • Leading-edge litigation support – Today’s smart litigators understand the advantages of  case management and e-discovery.

Unlike other technology consultants who are wedded to certain products and vendors, you can count on us for completely objective advice.  As objective outside experts, our role is to seek to understand your needs, develop cost-effective strategies and then help implement the best solutions for you.