e-Discovery and Litigation Support

We understand your business.  We built a world class tool for managing the many facets of the litigation lifecycle. What was once done only in the largest corporate matters is now required of personal matters. Our experience and knowledge of the market can provide you with the insight and  tools for the matters that are the core of your business. Let us show you what can be done today for a fraction of the cost of a few years ago.

Information Governance

In today’s fast moving business world, information is created without the kind of records management oversight that has historically been part of the normal course of business.  We can work with you to help your clients understand and incorporate legal requirements and general information management principles.  Documenting and following prescribed data retention policies protects against runaway costs and allows you to focus on your client’s legal issues rather than their information systems.


What obligations do I have to protect my work product from cybervandals or cyberthieves?   Is there a simple way for me to get the kind of protection and productivity that my work requires?  Our experience can help you know what you need without blitzing you with a rash of CRC, SHA1 or MD5 jargon. We can help you formulate the set of knowledge, tools and techniques required to keep your business or your client’s business safe and nimble in today’s world.

Technology for Lawyers

TMI, TMI.  We can help you understand what you need to know. As lawyers, we understand your work as well as your obligations. When we speak, it is to help you. We are not speaking to hear ourselves run off of litany of buzz words. We will tell you where the data is and what is needed to properly preserve, process and produce it. From email to line of business information systems to personal devices to Facebook, we can support you.

About Us

Technology innovators and entrepreneurs – created one of the first, nationally recognized, web based litigation support systems, called Lextranet.

Experienced e-discovery and litigation support professionals – provided consultitive, project management services for some of the smallest and largest matters in litigation in the past 20 years. From probate and family courts to USDC and US Cts of Appeals.

AV rated attorneys. We have practiced what we preach. As attorneys with litigation experience we understand the rules, pressures, obligations and duties.

As computer technologists and legal professionals, we understand and can explain the technical, forensic complexities of the digital world we all live in.

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